$120 flat program Monthly fee

  • The Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program enrollment fee is $120 monthly.  MAT refers to the treatment of substance use disorders utilizing medications such as Suboxone, Vivitrol, or Sublocade. This fee includes in-house urine toxicology, nursing services, medical evaluation and follow-up, case coordination and communication with insurance carriers and pharmacies. This allows patients to budget for the costs of treatment, as fees do not increase if a patient requires more intensive services during early recovery or times when they may be struggling. 


  • At Landmark Health, we view addiction as a chronic medical condition, not a moral failing. As with any chronic disease, long-term medication management, i.e. Suboxone, are often necessary to maintain stability. We DO NOT arbitrarily place time limits on treatment, particularly Suboxone maintenance. ADHD medications are often with-held in traditional clinic environments, which we believe is counter-productive. If indicated, stimulant medications are prescribed and monitored. PTSD and Pain Management treatment with Medical Marijuana are also available. 


  • Although group and individual counseling are available and often recommended, Landmark Health DOES NOT require all patients to engage in time-consuming services if they are unable to do so. We believe that a vital part of recovery is re-integration into society. The time and financial burdens of daily appointment requirements (as is often the case in traditional clinic settings) can prevent patients from seeking employment, returning to school, and resuming other positive activities. Treatment plans are individualized, not cookie-cutter. 


  • Rates for a la carte services and monthly program fees are as follows:

$300   Stand alone consultation with documentation and recommendations

If ongoing treatment is not requested, independent evaluations are available upon request. (There is no fee for medical evaluations included in monthly programming.) All evaluations are performed by Dr. Masci personally. Initial consultation includes psychiatric evaluation, urine toxicology, and a full written consultation report if requested. There is no additional fee for completion of forms, insurance authorizations or other paperwork. Once a patient is enrolled at Landmark Addictions, for Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Sublocade) maintenance or any other program, they are treated to a level of personalized care unparalleled in the Buffalo area.

$40   Stand alone in-house urine toxicology

If monthly medication treatment is not indicated or not desired, some patients may require monitored urine drug screening alone. (There is no fee for urine toxicology for patients enrolled in monthly MAT programs.)

Improvements in the technology of drug screening allow us to effectively eliminate the need for outside labs and therefore there are no "surprise" bills from labs after several months of treatment. On some occasions samples are sent for confirmatory testing, but this is a rarity. Urine toxicology screening is also available for patients who require this for legal or employment reasons as well. Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Sublocade), ADHD, and Medical Marijuana programs require periodic urine screening. 



$100     30-Minute Psychiatric specific follow-up

Patients not enrolled in monthly programming have access to on demand psychiatric treatment. This includes medication maintenance, including psychiatric medications if necessary, brief psychotherapy, and any appropriate referrals and additional treatments. Each patient's treatment is individualized to his or her needs. This service is billable to insurance either directly or out-of-network and is separate from monthly services.

$200     60-minute psychiatric specific follow-up

A longer appointment duration allows for more complex psychotherapeutic interventions, and patients are seen by Dr. Masci directly in almost all cases.  This service is billable to insurance either directly or out-of-network and is separate from monthly services.



$120  Buprenorphine Maintenance

As noted above, this is the monthly cost for Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Sublocade) maintenance. Patients in early recovery will be seen more frequently than stable patients each month, but will they will not be charged for these additional appointments. 

$120    vivitrol Maintenance

This is the monthly enrollment cost for long-acting, once monthly injections of Vivitrol as a part of our monthly MAT programming. This includes the medication office visit, the nursing consultation, the cost of the procedure and medication acquisition. All insurances cover the cost of this medication.